Saturday, September 13, 2014

Boyfriend Jeans

I have always shied away from distressed jeans simply because they were never really my style, however, I recently found a pair that is not only distressed but they are also a boyfriend fit. For anyone who is really close to me they know that all of my jeans tend to have the same descriptions, skinny fit, dark wash, and no distressing whatsoever.  These always seemed practical because they could be dressed up or down and I would never have to worry about the details of my jeans clashing with anything else I was wearing.
Recently, however, I ventured to the Boston Open Air Market where they have a year round vintage market. This was first time in a vintage market and as exciting as the experience was I was ecstatic over the cool items I found at reasonable prices. One item in particular that I feel in love with was this pair of boyfriend fit distressed jeans. Before trying them on I thought they were perfectly distressed and one of the coolest pairs of jeans that I had ever seen, after trying them on I was slightly disappointed in how they weren’t especially fitted in the ankle, but after a lot of thought (and A LOT of persuasion from my friend Gillian) I decided to buy them and I am completely obsessed with them! Not only are they the comfiest pair of jeans I currently own, but they are also the edgiest piece I have in my closet (besides my black leather jacket).
            I’ve really enjoyed thinking of different ways of wearing them, but so far I have kept things simple by wearing them with my gray leather jacket, Vans, and graphic white tee.

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