Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Simple and Chic

I remember buying this blazer during my last summer shopping trip and being amazed at how it was only $20. I had been obsessed with white all year long and after realizing that the only other white blazer I had was a summery, crepe blazer, I knew that I wasn't leaving the store without it. Unfortunately, in the move up here there was no room for blazer because my mother deemed it "unnecessary". Thankfully, after much badgering on my end, my mother finally shipped it and it proved to be the perfect piece for an interview. I wanted to keep things simple so I paired it with a simple black dress I bought on sale at Urban Outfitters and my H&M Chelsea boots. I must admit that the blazer is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Although some might think a white blazer is a ridiculous thing for a college student to own it has already become a staple piece in my wardrobe. I received multiple compliments on outfit that day but I must admit that my favorite was "You look like a bag of money!"

Black t-shirt dress, white blazer, and Chelsea boots

                                                             Thanks for reading! xox

How to Style Printed Pants

As promised a while ago, I bought a pair of printed pants from Forever 21, and here are a few ways I would style them:

Look 1:
Because the pants have such a hectic print I would keep things simple with a simple black muscle tee or even a basic black t-shirt. I would add Chelsea boots and necklace just to keep things from being too basic or boring.

Printed pants, black muscle tee,
gold necklace, and Chelsea boots

Look 2:
To make the look slightly edgier I would add my leather jacket and layer necklaces.

Printed pants, leather jacket, black muscle tee,
 Chelsea boots, and gold necklaces

Look 3:
I would easily wear this on a Sunday morning if I were just going run some errands or grab brunch in the dining hall. I love the look of gold jewelry against a flowy, barely-there white top so once again I would layer necklaces and add my Vans.

Printed pants, white tee, Vans, boyfriend watch,
and gold necklaces

Look 4:

My final look would include a simple white graphic tee, my watch, Chelsea boots, and to make thins slightly more polished I would add my black blazer.

Printed pants, graphic tee, black blazer, boyfriend watch,
 and Chelsea boots

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Also, would you all prefer links to exact items if they are not sold out and similar links to sold out items? Or would you prefer no links if they aren't exacts?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Basic Black

Since discovering that I was moving to the North, I have stalked up on sweaters from various shops. When I finally got all of sweaters in, I realized that I was lacking a black sweater, which was quite surprising since 60 percent of my wardrobe is black.

            Recently, I have discovered The Garment District and with their $8 sweaters it is safe to say that I have I have never been more prepared for the cold. Among my recent GD hauls (which will be having an upcoming post) is this simple black sweater. It is fitted yet loose enough for layering, and is incredibly warm and cozy. Unfortunately, as the day progressed I realized that I jumped the gun with my warm sweater and tights but it was still a comfy outfit despite the 70 degree weather.

Black sweater, sleeveless blouse, Urban Outfitters printed skirt,
black tights, H&M suede Chelsea boots, ASOS watch,
Brandy Melville bracelet (sold out)

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Esplanade and The Garment District

One of my friends and I recently spent the day the wandering around Boston, and I must say that this city never ceases to amaze me. We started off the day by walking the Esplanade and later the T to Cambridge to explore The Garment District, and may I just say that if you live anywhere near Cambridge or the Cambridge area (or in New England in general) I suggest you check it out.

Brandy Melville top, F21 skirt, Vans
(I have not been able to find any tops similar to
my Brandy Melville one so if anyone sees anything
please tell me!)

The Garment District not only has a pile of clothes that you can pay $1.50 a pound for, but it also has an extensive and extremely impressive vintage clothing collection. After one trip it has literally become my favorite place in Boston and has also left me questioning why I would ever torture myself with the Newbury St. shops ever again. I will admit it was overwhelming but it also left me exhilarating. I will be sure to get more pictures next time, but for now imagine the costume shop from Big Fat Liar, a vintage shop, and a multi-level H&M in one. I think that’s a good image to leave you all with.

Thanks for reading! xox