Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of College

After years of waiting and wishing the first day of college (and my first as an Emerson Lion) finally came, and may I just say it was definitely worth the wait! Despite my months of preparation for the Northern weather it was and still is shockingly warm here which was quite the surprise for me. So much so that I only brought a single pair of denim shorts, but thankfully my surplus of skirts and dresses should hopefully help me get through the next few days or weeks until fall weather comes.

That being said, I did want to look like a try-hard freshman or a complete slob so my first day outfit was fairly basic. Because of the weather I was able to incorporate a few of my favorite summer pieces like my white quilted skirt and patterned scarf, but was able to make it look less summery with my denim shirt worn as a lightweight jacket. Despite my limited usage of it in the past it has become one of my favorite pieces lately and cannot wait to wear it more once it cools down.

Denim shirt, white skater skirt, plaint white tank,
printed scarf, braided sandals, Boyfriend watch, and personal ring and necklace

Thanks for reading! xox

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