Monday, February 9, 2015

New Basics

As the school year continues I’ve realized how often I have been reaching for warm, basic outfits.  I bought this sweater during the summer knowing that I would desperately need them for school but it has actually become one of my favorite sweaters. The shirt however was a much more recent purchase but I already known I will be wearing it to death. If any of you all follow my Tumblr you’ll see that I absolutely love the look of collared shirts poking out from under sweaters, letterman jacks, and blazers. Originally I wanted a crisp white button down with a Peter Pan collar but after looking through multiple stores I was empty-handed. While in H&M last week however I spotted this button down in the men’s section. I loved the crispness of the collar and cuffs that most of the women’s button downs were lacking; I also loved how this button down was only $14.95 versus the $20 ones sold to women.

            As for the bottom half of my outfit the jeans (although the material is much more legging-like) were a Christmas gift from my mother and the black leather ankle boots were a recent purchase.  I also added my boyfriend watch because I felt as though the monochromatic outfit could have used a touch shine.

Thanks for reading! xox

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