Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bold in Uniform

Ralph Lauren top (similar here), black skirt, silver oxfords (similar here)

I must admit that living in the South has been an interesting experience. I am incredibly thankful for living here because it made me the person I am today and I am quite happy with that person, unfortunately, because of its conservative nature I was often scared to try new styles. As I mentioned in a previous post I never liked to experiment with fashion too much and would normally just stick to my typical uniform of circle skirts and cardigans. Although I still wear both items today (and quite religiously I might add) I have learned to pair them with some of my more bold pieces. 

As you can see I still wear my simple full skirts but paired it with one of my favorite items in my closet, my silver oxfords, or brogues if you prefer to call them that. Much like my asymmetrical skort, these were insanely hard to find for  under $100. I am proud to say that I bought these for only $8 at thrift shop. Of course, I was a bit panicked at the thought of wearing secondhand shoes, but after realizing that I would never find such an amazing deal I decided I would just drench them in alcohol and Lysol and take the risk. Needless to say, I have no regrets and will be returning to the thrift shop to see what other treasures I might be able to find. 

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