Sunday, June 1, 2014

Going Out & Switching It Up

I will always admit that I would much rather stay home with some hot chocolate and Tumblr, but as time gets closer to my college move-in date I am absolutely in love with the idea of going out on the weekends. The few times I did spend my Saturday night at a party in high school I went all out with hair, nails, make-up, and a great outfit of course! This dress happens to be one of my favorites and I cannot wait to wear it next year, although I will most likely be wearing more party appropriate shoes next time. 
This dress was made by Material Girl and despite the mesh paneled cutouts it was actually bought for a family reunion banquet (and by my grandmother no less!) . The first time I put it on I felt incredibly confident and slightly edgy. The form fitting dress was quite the departure from my normal A-line skirt and jeweled cardigan that I would typically wear for formal functions. It's been two years since I first stepped outside my comfort zone and wore the dress and I must admit I have loved experimenting with new items ever since! 
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