Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Haul Pt. 2

As promised, I have finally posted the second part of my summer haul! As I was doing this I noticed that I actually purchased a lot more beauty products and school items than I thought so I will be doing a "July Beauty Favorites" and a "School Haul" as well. 

First up is my bar necklace from Forever 21. I have recently fallen in love with bar necklaces and minimalistic jewelry in general so purchasing this was not a hard decision for me at all. To be quite honest I was unaware of the heart cutout until I was at the cash register and was a bit skeptical about it, but it definitely adds a sweet touch to the overall simple necklace. 

F21 necklace

My second necklace from Forever 21 was a bit longer and has a more rockier look which I love because it does add a bit of edge to any outfit I where it with. Aside from the opal necklace I wear everyday it has already become my favorite accessory. I love how the triangles are made out of silver and gold metal and even how the chain seems to be made out of a pewter looking metal because it makes matching metals easier to wear and also makes it appear like a more pricer piece of jewelry. The length of the necklace is also perfect because it does not compete with any other necklaces I might be wearing at the moment.

F21 necklace 

This next piece is a stark contrast to my previous necklace because of its jewels. Although I love the look of layered necklaces sometimes you need to just focus on one major piece or "clear everything out and focus on one thing"(as Travis stated in Clueless). This necklace is such a statement piece I could easily dress up any jeans and tee outfit with it. 

H&M necklace (sold out)

In preparation for school I have spent my summer buying multiple sweaters and wardrobe basics. One basic that I desperately needed was a striped t-shirt and after searching multiple shops both online and in-stores I finally found this H&M tee for under twenty dollars and I am quite excited to see how many different ways I can wear it.

H&M tee

On a whim I also purchased this gold barrette. Unlike some other items in this haul this barrette was not something that I was actively looking for but I simply purchased it while looking at bedspreads at Urban Outfitters. I remember seeing a girl with a similar one in high school and I loved how it contrasted with her auburn hair. If it stood out with her hair I can only imagine how cool it will look in my dark brown curly hair. 

Urban Outfitters barrette

This next item is not only my favorite in this haul, but it is also the only item that will truly help me better myself. After about two years of lusting after them, I finally have a pair of sleek looking Nikes and I could not be happier. I have never been a "sneaker-head" and I rarely believe the hype of performance enhancing sneakers, but I must admit that these feel as good as they look. As silly as it may sound, I truly feel as though these Nikes will motivate me to work out and run more in college. These particular shoes are the Nike Free Run 5.0 and although they may be the most expensive shoes I have ever paid full price for ($108. 56 to be exact), they are extremely worth it. 

Nike Free Run 5.0 trainers

The next haul I will do will be my back-to-school haul which should be an EXTREMELY long one, so please stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! xox

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