Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Haul Pt. 1

Hi guys! I would just like to start off by saying thank you so much for reading my blog! It took me a long time to build up the courage and confidence to start it, let alone continue it. That being said I am so excited to share my first ever haul with you all! I recently went on an unplanned shopping excursion with my best friend that ultimately led to us both buying QUITE a lot. I have also been ordering things for school offline in an effort to slowly build up my college wardrobe, and because of this I will be doing a few separate hauls over the next few weeks and I cannot wait until I show you everything!!!

Crepe Woven Boyfriend Blzer can be purchased here

To start things off I have a white crepe blazer from Forever 21. This was a purchase from the very beginning of summer and although I have been daydreaming of various ways of wearing it, I have not had the chance yet. I am currently obsessed with white right now and have always been a fan of boyfriend blazers so this blazer was clearly needed in my closet.

Refined Asymmetrical Mini Skirt can be purchased here

Close up of asymmetrical hem with exposed zipper

When I bought the blazer mentioned above I envisioned wearing it with this miniskirt and a white tank. Along with me loving white right now I also love how popular asymmetrical bottoms and exposed zippers are right now. This skirt embodies both trends, but is still simple enough for me to wear it even after both are dead and gone. The skirt also has a cream-colored faux leather trim at the top. I am especially excited to wear the skirt because its material is cool enough for me to wear this season, but will also keep me warm if I want to wear it with tights in the fall.

Harem pants similars can be purchased here

Close up of the abstract print

To round up my Forever 21 purchases is this pair of printed harem pants. As I was searching for the link on the F21 website I noticed that jogger and harem pants look extremely similar in style. After some brief research I am here to tell you the difference between the two. Joggers tend to have a more relaxed look (to imitate sweatpants) and are made with a more casual, inexpensive materials such as cotton and rayon. Harem pants on the other hand are more like baggy trousers. These pants have a plethora of names with most of them deviating from two people who made them famous: MC Hammer and Princess Jasmine. Because these are such an unusual purchase I will be doing a post on the various ways I wear them.

Racerback draped tank similar can be found here

Moving on to H&M, I bought a simple racerback tank with a draped hem. If there is ever a time to wear a loose white tank top it is in the middle of a hot summer in the South. I have unfortunately worn my last loose tank to pieces but knowing the quality standard of H&M I should be having this one for a while.

Abstract printed scarf similar can be found here
A close up of the print (camera does not do it justice)

Next up is a beautifully printed scarf that is perfect for the cooler days of summer. The scarf has become my favorite piece at the moment and it most likely because of its flawless combination of colors such as coral, navy blue, sky blue, gray, ivory, and even maroon. 

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with fingers that easily fit rings. I have always struggled with finding rings that properly fit without cutting off my circulation and after the midi-ring trend became popular I found it quite sad to love the trend so much yet not be able to try it. With these rings however, I can finally join the trend and the mixed metal rings in the set allow me to switch up what type of jewelry I want to wear with them.

Two tone cat eye sunglasses similars here 

I wear my glasses quite often so I never wear sunglasses that much, but since blush pink is one of my favorite colors I will definitely have to start wearing my contacts more! I love the frame of these as well as contrasting tone on the arms.

ASOS Boyfriend Watch can be purchased here 

Last and certainly not least is my ASOS Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold. I had a similar one by XOXO a few years ago but had to give it up after it was destroyed from day to day wear and tear. I have literally been eyeing it for a little over a year and was ECSTATIC when it finally arrived (although how it arrived is a story for another day). This piece has already been a staple in my daily wardrobe and I must say it has made me feel like an actual adult (which is both terrifying and exciting)!

Thank you for reading! xox

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